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Originally Posted by Gokuson234 View Post
Tried that. I found out things look...more normal if I run it normal sized, which is so tiny I might as well buy an Ipod and watch it on there, and even then it still looks interlaced and jagged. Is watching movies on a PC just a fleeting fantasy? Is the Hi Def capable video card DVD drive and TV I bought just part of some giant corporate scam?
You're doing something wrong then. I just finished working on 2.4GHz laptop installed VLC and DivXPro they can use the laptop to view movies or tv shows shot in HD Avi's on the TV. Works so great they just needed to buy the cables. On the PC side if you have Nvidia or ATI graphics you can use Omega OC drivers with Mult-Res feature. Shouldn't have to tweak VLC if you do you need to that it out of Video Overlay default. Open3GL you could try that. Depends on your Video Card hardware.
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