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Originally Posted by hoorta View Post
Troll alert?

Whatever floats your boat, (or as I suspect) wallet in this case. Um, this be the HighDef Forum, and you be barking up the wrong tree.

Tell ya what. If you can't tell the difference between a 1080p HDTV playing a Blu-Ray movie, and SDTV, I'd strongly suggest getting your vision checked.

SDTVs are going the way of the dinosaurs, just like CRT TVs. I did notice in my trip into HHGregg yesterday, there's nary a CRT to be found in the store.
Just a funny note: I was in my local Walmart the other day and SD CRT TV's were literally flying off the shelves. I thought they were giving them away with all of the traffic but alas they were selling them and not at a special price.
It just goes to show that many consumers don't care about HD or widescreen at all.
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