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So we got the Dynex 26'' tv with HDMI input in the back. She got herself a Dell computer with a HDMI output. Now we've been hooking it up to the TV to watch a movie, and can't get it to work. The current problem stands at "Mode not supported" on the TV. I have tried and can't find a straight forward answer to this problem anywhere.

Can anyone help? And any additional information needed?

Which DELL do you have? Business or Consumer model? Does the laptop have Control Panel for switching the views of LCD Monitor or TV. You need to make sure that LCD panel is shutdown or just close the flap over. Video drivers need to be up to date. I use Omega ATI drivers on my HP laptop connected to the Sharp 46".

If you're using AVI format make sure you have the right codecs. I recommend using DiviX Pro and VLC to view
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