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Originally Posted by PMKN_PI View Post
My question is, my laptop is a Sony Vaio w/ a PIII @ 695mhz, 128meg of memory, an Intel 82815 graphics controller...if i hook up my laptop using the monitor output on the back, to the PC input on my TV, will I be able to view HD files I have downloaded on my TV, in HD? I have a few files I dnlded via torrent and they are HD clips. (i believe 720) Is it as simple as hooking up the laptop to the TV and playing the file? I also use VLC Media player, if it makes any difference. My current display settings (using the laptop's screen) are set to the max at 1024x768. Is this enough to view mpgs in 1080i or 720p?
You will need to give it a try. My son has a Sony Vaio and it does not play nice with his HDTV at all. My Compaq on the other hand will work with his HDTV at all HDTV resolutions. 695 mhz is going to be a bit weak for HD material though.
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