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High Definition is the definition of life.

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Originally Posted by Jambi View Post
I believe that under25% of American households have HDTVs because HDTVSs are expensive when a 25" SD TV can be brought under $200 and will probably last over ten years. And SDTV looks just fine. (especially DVD, which looks excellent.) There is no need for HDTVs. Just something for the rich. Seen HDTV at the store, not super amazing like people might think.
Troll alert?

Whatever floats your boat, (or as I suspect) wallet in this case. Um, this be the HighDef Forum, and you be barking up the wrong tree.

Tell ya what. If you can't tell the difference between a 1080p HDTV playing a Blu-Ray movie, and SDTV, I'd strongly suggest getting your vision checked.

SDTVs are going the way of the dinosaurs, just like CRT TVs. I did notice in my trip into HHGregg yesterday, there's nary a CRT to be found in the store.
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