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Default Actual Nielsen press release on HDTV and active usage of HD programming



New York, NY, December 11, 2008 – With the Holiday electronics-buying season approaching, Nielsen today reported that, as of November 30, the penetration of high definition television (HDTV) reached 23.3% of all U.S. television households.

When Nielsen began tracking HDTV status in its People Meter samples in July of 2007, only 10% of homes had HDTV and this percentage has increased in each subsequent month (see Table 1).

Steve McGowan, Senior Vice President Client Research Initiatives said, “The accelerated penetration of HDTV can be attributed to a number of factors, including the lower prices for high definition television equipment, the increased availability of high definition programming, and purchases of new television sets in anticipation of the digital transition set for February of 2009.

With nearly a quarter of homes equipped with high definition televisions, the demand for high definition content will only increase.”

Among the 18 largest local markets, Washington, D.C. has the highest HDTV penetration, with 31.1% of homes receiving high definition. Boston and New York follow with penetrations of 30.5% and 30.2%, respectively. Detroit has the lowest HDTV penetration: 20.9% of homes (see Table 2).

Nielsen also looked at the types of programming that are most popular in households that are receive HDTV signals, comparing that to households without HDTV capability. Sporting events have the highest index of viewing in HDTV households, with HDTV receivable and capable homes watching 54% more sports than households that are not HDTV capable (see Table 3).

Other genres that are popular with HDTV households include political programming (25% more popular) and awards shows (10% more popular).

Nielsen’s HDTV estimates are available nationally and for all 56 metered markets.

The estimates are based on Nielsen Field staff review of all equipment to identify TV sets that are capable of receiving and displaying high definition pictures, as well as those that are actually receiving those signals.
Total U.S. HDTV Penetration
Trend By Household HD % 

July        10.0% 
August      10.5% 
September   11.3%
October     12.1%
November    12.8%
December    13.5%%

January     14.5% 
February    15.3%
March       16.2%
April       17.1%
May         18.1%
June        18.9%
July        19.6%
August      20.4%
September   21.3%
October     22.2%
November    23.3%
HDTV Penetration in Local
People Meter Markets – November 2008 %

Washington, DC (Hagerstown) 31.1%
Boston (Manchester) 30.5%
New York 30.2%
Seattle-Tacoma 29.8%
Philadelphia 29.1%
Los Angeles 28.9%
Chicago 27.0%
Phoenix 26.9%
San Francisco-Oak-San Jose 26.8%
Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota) 26.7%
Denver 26.4%
Atlanta 25.7%
Dallas-Ft. Worth 25.0%
Houston 23.7%
Cleveland - Akron 23.6%
Minneapolis - St. Paul 21.6%
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 21.4%
Detroit 20.9%
So pretty much the larger cities have more HDTV households that also hook up those sets to active HDTV programming
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