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Edit/Update: I just called Philips and confirmed that setting the input does not alter the signal in any way regardless of how the manual makes it sound. It also fully supports the full RGB range. So what I need to know is how exactly the Xbox outputs video games and Netflix video.

After doing some more research on both these settings, the PS3 RGB Full setting and my own TV I'm leaning towards using the Standard reference level.

Here's why:

My TV allows you to "install" inputs. At first glance I always thought this was just a way to tag inputs for what they were (i.e. "DVR", "Blu-Ray", etc.). After combing through the FAQ on Philips website and reading that the Xbox should be treated as a PC (on the AVS Forums, not the FAQ) I found "How do I experience the best picture quality with my PC connected to my TV?" among the other FAQs on Philips' site.

According to Philips, my TV actually changes how it handles the video by how you install the input. They suggest setting the input to "PC" for home/office use or, if playing PC games, setting it to "Game".

Currently the Xbox and PS3 are connected to my receiver via HDMI and then the receiver passes the video to the TV. The input (HDMI 1) is set to Blu-Ray as a leftover from when my PS3 was connected directly to that input.

If I understand this correctly, PC graphic cards (and the Xbox) output 0 black level instead of the correct 7.5. I thought by selecting Expanded you set the Xbox to output 7.5, but now I'm thinking Expanded is actually setting it to output +7.5 to the signal.

In other words, if my TV believes the video it is receiving is always from a Blu-Ray player than is it doing something to adjust the signal to 7.5 already? If it is, am I just screwing it up with Expanded?

Any change my TV makes to settings depending on the input nname may also be limited to changes to features like Dynamic Contrast and Vivid Color, all of which I have off.

My TV's FAQ and manual also makes constant reference to RGB signals, so am I to assume it is better suited to set my PS3 and Xbox to RGB and then probably set my TV's input to PC?

See, this is what happens when game consoles and BD players become little computers. I'm just confused now. This is going to take quite a bit more research unless someone has an answer.

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