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Originally Posted by MarkTX View Post
Thanks guys - I think I'll go with that 7.1 Onkyo system but maybe teh one with teh added speaker stands. Forgive the noob question but will I need anything other than what come delivered? Speaker wire...cables...etc...
It will come with speaker wire, but it will be very thin and quite lame. You are highly recommended with getting some 16 awg cable at least. 16 awg will do fine for 35ft -40 ft or less runs... You can get a 100 ft roll for around $10-$15. As far as the rest of the cables go like HDMI and toslink etc, you will need to supply them yourself. I would highly recommend this site for all your cable needs including the speaker wire and speaker stands. HDMI cable run around $9 a pop and toslink around $5 (depending on length)..
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