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My plasma is High Def.

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Default Can't Program Channels In Philips 32HF7544D/27 LCD TV

I have a Philips LCD TV Model number 32HF7544D/27,and I can't seem to get it to where I can program the channels.I have a Enseo HD1000 tuner that came with the TV.It is supose to have a NTSC tuner built into it,but I can't seem to get it to where I can get the channels to show up.In the manual it shows that you can get into the TV setup menu by pushing the F button on the RC2573GR remote,but the only menus I can get into is the standard menu by pushing menu on the standard remote,and the internal TV setup menu by putting the TV in ITV mode by punching in a code,and pushing M on the RC2573GR remote.The code for the regular remote doesn't work.In the regular menu under install all it does is scan channel 0,and show a bar going accross the screen showing the MHZ. counting up.I'm guessing it is HD "Air" mode looking for an HD antenna?In the regular comsumer mode setup it doesn't give me a choice of cable,or air.I talked to the Philips company commercial division,and they told me that some of the menus are missing,and that I needed to have the TV reflashed.They also said that the only people that have the tool is them.Is there a way to reset the TV without having it reflashed?All the other functions seem alright.Please let me know if any of you can help.Any help is greatly appreciated.Thank You very much!

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