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Default Xbox 360 Display Settings - HDMI Color and Reference Levels

I did a quick search for any threads on this and couldn't find any. I read over this thread


and couldn't find a definite answer. What I'm wondering is what Xbox settings should be used with a 1080p HDTV display over HDMI?

With the NXE update there is now two options called Reference Level and HDMI Color Space. I believe Reference Level is the same setting as the PS3's RGB Full setting, but it has 3 options (Standard, Intermediate and Expanded). HDMI Color Space lets you choose Rec. 601, 709, Auto, Source or RGB.

The debate seems to be that games use RGB, so some say RGB and Standard or RGB and Expanded are the best for gaming. The drawback is unless your display is calibrated for RGB or a computer monitor it may not look right or cruch black/whites.

Others think that Rec. 709 is best if you play video, but if you choose 709 you should leave the reference level on Standard. This contradicts the idea that setting a PS3 to YPb/Cb Pr/Cr and RGB Full is best (if your display can handle it).

I'm just confused by these new settings. I'm guessing leaving it to Standard and Auto is a safe bet, but I've spent too much time calibrating my display to just accept my gaming to look sub-par.

However, my TV is calibrated for video (used DVE:HD Blu-Ray played on my PS3), so I know I'm already making a compromise to favor video over gaming.

The further complicate things I stream Netflix through the Xbox as well. So what setting would make for the best compromise for Netflix and gaming?
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