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Originally Posted by tvine2000 View Post
the other thing is in more cases then not its very hard to have the front left,right and center the same height. True that is but, if the center isnt close to ear level or where the sound would emanate from the TV, the sound is less than acceptable and a slight replacemnt or aiming will give you the center stage that is needed.
if the tv is hanging on the wall,you have the center above the tv or below it,with the fl,fr on the sides of the time i had my center on the floor in back of the tv aiming at the ceiling ,then tried it in front of the tv ,and i coundn't tell the difference.if anything on the floor aiming at the ceiling it was hard to tell where it was coming from.btw i don't do that anymore!

i argee with everything else in post 1.
Whether you agree or not, this is the way it should be done.

Since the center channel speaker IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SPEAKER IN THE SYSTEM, it's placement is much more crucial then any other speaker. Not having it located properly will result in having to turn up the volume to a point that it is very loud just so you can hear the dialog and a fault many people have when improperly setting up their surround sound system. I have assisted many people here in relocating their center channel speaker (due to difficulty in hearing dialog at normal volume levels) with very positive and sometimes spectacular results.
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