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Exclamation IMPORTANT POST FOR NEW MEMBERS TO READ who are looking for new HDTV help here!

Welcome to all new members here!

With a lot of people looking for help/advice this holiday season with purchasing a HD display, I thought it was important to post a list of what we need to help them. This is what should be included in any first posts asking for help so you can be helped with the best possible advice and without waiting for many additional questions to be answered to give the best advice.

Here is what to include in your request that is important for us to help you:

1. How far away will you be from the display when watching it? (Be as exact as possible. A 5' range difference IS a major difference - Please limit the range to 2')

2. What TV will it be replacing (i.e. 27" tube TV, etc) (include TV age as well)

3. What will you be watching on it (i.e. 1/3 movies, 1/3 TV shows, 1/6 Sports, 1/6 gaming console, etc)

4. Will a computer be connected to use the display as a monitor? If so, what percent of the time?

5. Will you be getting a Blu-ray player to watch movies and will you be getting any HD service from cable/sat, or will you just be watching SD programming, and an upscaling SD DVD player?

6. Are you looking for the best in class display, the best bargain display, or best bang for the buck in the middle display?

7. Are you interested in seeing 3D with the new 3DTVs? If not, what about next year since TVs are usually kept for many years so consider that?

8. What is the room lighting situation? (i.e. can you control the lighting? Can you use light blocking blinds, etc to control it?)

9. What is your budget range?

10. Will people be watching at multiple viewing angles or just usually one person sitting directly in the center?

11. When will most viewing be done on the display (i.e. Daytime or after sunset)?

Check out this link about screen sizes for certain viewing distances here and click on the graph to see a bigger view of it to see WHY you need the correct minimum size for a certain viewing distance:

By stating these answers in your first post requesting help, we will be able to give you the best and fastest help in choosing the right display for you. We have many excellent members with a lot of experience and they WANT to help you, like they were once helped here, so PLEASE, help them help you by providing this info when you request the help.

If you have a problem with a device, be sure to include the brand & model number and also list any other devices attached with their brand & model number also. This will get you help quicker and save everyone a lot of time.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

PS. You should make sure you spend the time to adjust each TV you are comparing in a store to get the best picture possible so it is a fair comparison. Many people play with those settings, and stores sometimes try to make the lower profit margin models look worse so they make more money by making the higher profit models look better.

Also remember that you do not need to spend a lot of money on HDMI cables the big box stores will try to sell you at outlandish markups. Just go to and get high quality cables for around $10.00 there. I usually buy 3 at a time so the shipping cost is lower per cable and I have enough for future needs at that price.

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