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Originally Posted by ack_bak View Post
I can understand some of the frustration. Band Of Brothers on Blu-Ray has light DNR applied. The same title on HD DVD (Japanese Import) does not have DNR applied. IMHO, I think the HD DVD version of the screencaps I have seen look better. But the HD DVD version is $200 and the BD version was $41. I picked up the BD version. I am not sure why Warner/HBO applied slight DNR to BoB on BD. It really did not need it as the show was supposed to have a gritty grainy look to it per the intent of the directors (Hanks and Spielberg). But it is slight. And to cancel your order and trash the encode is just over the top IMHO. The BD is clearly a step up over the DVD and cable/sat broadcasts I have seen. So while I can understand the pickiness and frustrations, I think some people are taking it way to far. I mean where do you go? Back to DVD? Stop watching movies altogether? Perhaps when we have affordable 4K projectors and movie players we will get closer to "perfection", but I cannot imagine watching the DVD version of TDK, BoB, Baraka, etc if I owned a BD player.
True, BoB HD DVD was $200 before the BD version came out, but I'll bet an ebay auction would fetch $300-$400 easily. It's been OOP for a year and it seems HD DVD owners now want to hang on to their set. Although it's only slightly better in PQ, I do notice detail missing on the BD (mainly in facial closeups) due to DNR and the overall gritty look of the HD DVD is missing (or greatly diminished) on the BD. However even though I own the HD DVD, I still found the BD a worthwhile purchase (it's a LOT cheaper than I thought it would be) because of the extras and the Spanish subs.

I agree some people are taking it too far, especially those who have projectors and watch up close, but if it bothers them, then I guess they have a right to complain. Personally I want as much detail as possible and if DNR removes some of it, then I'd rather not know about it and just enjoy the movie. I've never been distracted by excessive EE but I guess that's because I don't have a large display (50" plasma from 8 feet).
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