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Default Onkyo 606 paired with Infinity TSS 500


Up to now, I have NEVER had any HD/surround sound equip. Obviously, anything I purchase is going to be an incredible leap forward for mankind...well, at least for me.

I just purchased two Panny 50pz80u's along with 2 BD35's. I bought these based on the price point/performance value they deliver.I now need to purchase 2 A/V receivers and 5.1 speakers setups. Budget is not so much an issue, but again, value for the dollar will drive the decision. I am not looking for the best gear out there, but I am looking for good gear at a good price. The speakers need to be wall-mounted.

I am thinking the 606 receiver, at 289 refurb and 349 new is an excellent value. Was wondering if anyone had thoughts on pairing that box with the Infinity TSS 500's? These can be bought at One Call for 320.00. Would this be a better route to go as opposed to the 6100 or 7100 setup from Onkyo? What about other receivers from Denon and Yamaha? Other speaker setups that seem to get alot of run here are the Def Tech Pro Cin 600's, Mirage, Polk RM 6880, etc..

Any suggestions on rec/5.1 speaker setups would be appreciated. I would like to keep the total package between 500 and 1K. I understand speaker selection should be based on personal preference and agree..but considering where I am coming from, everything is going to sound great.
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