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Originally Posted by PFC5 View Post
Me too. If it decoded DTS-HD MA I would buy it right now for that price and then just hope they stay up to date with firmware patches for new releases.
5.1 analog outs for $139.99 is pretty damn good IMO, even without internal DTS HD MA decoding.

It will bitstream DTS HD MA. Worst case scenario you get the 1.5 mbps core. I didn't see many people complaining about 1.5 mbps audio last year when that was the dominant codec used on HD DVD...especially given that only the top tier HD DVD players had internal DTS HD MA decoding (A35, XA2, etc.). All of those people with A2's, A3's, A20's and A30's sure weren't complaining too much, and a lot of people here LOVED 1.5 mbps audio (Transformers OMG!). The Large majority of the HD DVD Supporters had players that would NOT internally decode DTS HD MA. But I digress too much....

5.1 analog outs for $139.99 - hmmm...I can think of at least ONE person here that requires a player for under $200 with 5.1 analog outs.

The only thing this player lacks is 2.0 profile. I am sure that will be the "excuse" du jour...
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