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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
The device uses the Arcsoft Extreme software that just does what it needs to do - not much else. It basically records and plays back HD or SD Video.

If you are into slick PC GUIs, that is not it. But if you are into watching TV the software is adequate for archiving programs from a HD DVR. SageTV, BeyondTV and GB-PVR all support the Hauppauge HD-PVR for live TV and recorded TV for slicker interfaces.
No I just wanted to see what the GUI looks like that's all. I use SageTV to record CATV. I did use it to record Digital CATV like HBO, STARs, Show but it's better to record that on DVRs we got here. I use the MVP more about 98% and 2% on DVRs. This device you got here allows you to record off the DVR box or I use Liteon DVD Recorder with S-Video in and S-Video out it does have component Video along with Digital Coax/Toshlink too.

Shown in the picture below are two Hauppauge Media MVP one is connected directly into the Liteon DVD Recorder for dubbing..

This setup was back in 2005 but it's changed now.. Still you can dub DVDs into the Liteon using Mintek DVD 1600 could do anything like a PC could without transcoding. Put RAW MPEG2 stuff onto a DVD like you were saving them still have to Burn it but on the fly. The 1600 would see them as files but you watch right away. For $29 to $39 bucks at Target it was a deal.. Not anymore..

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