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Smile Latest Release - Media MVP - VMCE Blue Thumbnail Edition v4.20

Note: This is brand new version thumbnail edition, not seen prior nor that the youtube is based on the version 4.10. I completely re-did this theme and added the big clock plugin change everything and made the theme more less busy.

To use the new buttons like - song + song you must go under Music Library and select PLAY ALL then you can access those two features throughout the theme. For those who like Folder artwork you can now be more creative I've added that to just about every plugin I could do. Picture Library can do that now. folder add/remove too.

What's New in this release!

Build 4.20 - Released 10/18/08
Cleaned up coding to provide a faster access to thumbnail video images
Changed all skins visuals (color text, backgrounds an other objects)
Added Updated Buttons controls to the media menu
Re-worked Thumbnails for Movie and Picture Library
Added Folder JPEG feature to Movie,Picture Library, Scheduler and Folders
Added Large Digital Clock Plug-in press (Red button on media menu)
Fixed Resume/Restart bug for 18 thumbnails Movie Library
Added Video Poster Artwork to the 18 thumbnail Movie Library
Fixed Text length increased OSD on TV Side
Changed the OSD Display for TV
Bonus Folder Artwork Folder samples are is included

Download from here:

Note: Next month all downloads/mirrors and support is moving to I'll be able to do more than I am doing now.

My main mediamvpskin blog will allow you download the most current version. Like always everything is still available. As everyones taste is going to be different.

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