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Originally Posted by PFC5 View Post
You should see how slow the current BD players (excluding the PS3) load BD-Java encoded BD discs. It makes my HD DVD players seem blazing fast.
I find my HD-A1 is slower loading HD DVD discs than my BH200 and BD-P1400 are loading Blu-ray, even with Java heavily laden discs. Now, my BDP-S1 is really slow with those discs and I haven't tried to figure out if it is slower than my HD-A1. I am not willing to sit and watch the screen until either player loads, I always leave and come back! My other HD DVD players are much faster than my HD-A1 and I don't know if faster or slower than my faster Blu-ray players. Of course, hands down the PS3 loads everything it plays that I have tried really fast. I still haven't tried anything BD-Live or HD DVD internet interactive to see how loading times for those processes compare.

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