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Originally Posted by bobbo66 View Post
you pick on a guy that didn't know about vh1-hd. I wonder how many people don't know about a lot of channels. They don't automatically show up, at least not on my boxes. People have to go find them. No one tells you about it. So if you aren't over the top about it and going on sites like these, you wouldn't know a lot of little things that make dtv great. Thankfully I am into it a little, and am mechanically inclined with this stuff. Getting the info out better would be my only complaint I would have with dtv and making us pay extra for that little tier of hd channels. They would have even more happy customers if they would be more informative, maybe keeping the price of the service down.
There's a full list of channels at the DIRECTV website.

You can go throught the channels lists in setup on the receiver box.
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