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Originally Posted by ucla92
Here is my idea. Can I stuff some pillows (foam) between the speakers and the 2nd story floor? There is about 8 inches of room. Will this reduce the sound and vibration felt/heard on the 2nd story? Is this a fire hazard?
Thanks for your help.
High end mobile sound installers - bus conversions and pricey autos (limo, car doors) plus some avionics apps use a special material that works perfectly - it is a " of RUBBER foam on each side of a sheet of lead about 40mils thick - the lead (mass) isolates the path by allowing the rubber to absorb all the vibration -only rubber absorbs vibration - plastic (styrofoam) doesn't nearly as well -glue it on a piece of plywood and screw the plywood to the floor above the speaker -unless the supplier has a better method

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