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Wink For Build 4.00 or higher cover art collections for video/music/radio

Griffith for Windows (catalog your movies and download posters as folder.jpg)

Griffith is freeware linux program for Windows, it's the best one I could find to add poster folders (folder.jpg) to my collection under Movie Library (aka videos)

Album Art to use with Album Art Cover now in (Music Library)

Now you can go to this site and download covers for your albums or use Amazon.

All CD Covers Free site to grab artwork covers for CDs, DVDs

(best to use for renaming TV shows, movies with name-xxxxx.mpg)

ReNamer is the best to use I found as you can setup presets for any tv show or movie that has those annoying digits either in the front or end of the file. Batch renaming is all done for before and after. The program is a gem and it's free!
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