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Originally Posted by Nikopol
Toshiba sees loss, cuts sales forecast



September 19, 2008 at 7:32 AM EDT

TOKYO — Japanese electronics conglomerate Toshiba Corp. said it now expects to post an operating loss in the first half and slashed its full-year forecast to below market expectations due to a weak semiconductor market.

The microchip industry is beset by falling prices and excess capacity. Sliding prices of NAND chips, used in portable music players, digital cameras and cellphones, are also hurting Samsung Electronics Co.
and Hynix Semiconductor Inc. Toshiba, the world's No. 2 maker of NAND flash memory, said it now expects to post a group operating loss of 30-billion yen ($281-million U.S.) for the April-September first half, a 100-billion yen swing from its previous forecast of a 70-billion yen profit.

It would mark Toshiba's first operating loss for the first half in five years. In April-September last year it posted an operating profit of 82.5-billion yen.

Fujio Ando, senior managing director at Chibagin Asset Management, said Toshiba is hurting from sinking consumer spending in a weakening global economy.

“The impact from NAND is huge because the company has poured most of its energy and capital investment into the business,” he said. “Aside from solar panels, flat screen TVs and Blu-ray disks, there's no area of growth among digital products.”
Originally Posted by XBit labs
Toshiba May Be Interested in Acquiring SanDisk – Company.

Toshiba Needs to Take “Preventive Steps” to Stop Samsung-SanDisk Deal
[09/17/2008 04:07 AM]
by Anton Shilov

Toshiba Corp., the world’s second largest producer of flash memory, may acquire SanDisk Corp., a leading supplier of flash-based products and also one of Toshiba’s largest customers. The Japanese electronic conglomerate may be the third company, after Samsung Electronics and Seagate Technologies, who may be interested in assets of SanDisk.

“We need to take preventive steps, if (SanDisk) looks like it will be acquired,” said Shozo Saito, corporate senior vice president on the sidelines of the Industry Strategy and Technology Forum on Tuesday, reports Reuters news-agency. Mr. Saito said that although Toshiba was interested in a combination with SanDisk, there were no concrete negotiations between the two companies.

Earlier on Tuesday SanDisk rejected hostile bid of Samsung Electronics, which proposed to take over the flash products vendor for $5.85 billion.

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