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Originally Posted by Ct HD Boy
I just left DirecTV for Cablevison. The sole reason was the terrible customer service that I received. I was using a HD250 Tivo unit and although it was slow as molasses it still was a good system. I have enclosed a modified version of the letter that I sent to DirecTV complaining about the poor customer service. I wanted to post this just to notify perspective consumers about the issues that I had with DirecTV.

I am in the process of writing up a review of Cablevisons HD PVR compared to the Hughes DirecTV service, but that will be posted in a different forumů.
Horror stories abound when it comes to customer service. I can understand your dismay with the way you've been treated, but even so this would not convince me to go back to cable. There's a reason I'm a subscriber to Direct TV, or rather two: 1) they have exclusive rights to to the NFL package, 2) their service far outsrips anything I've personally experienced from any cable company I've hooked up with in Wisconsin and California since the 70s.

And talk about horror stories!

In San Francisco, call it five years ago now, give or take, the cable company cut off all the subscribers in my entire apartment building because of a beef between the the building super and the irresponsible numbskull the cable company hired to come out and fix some building-wide problem I wasn't even aware of at the time--over and above my ongoing complaints to the cable company regarding the rotten reception I received.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that the cable company blew off a 2-hour-windowed appointment with the building super one sunny Friday afternoon without so much as a coutesy call, then arrived the next morning bright and early (and unannounced) and woke the super up! Now the super worked odd hours, as you might imagine, needed his sleep, bluntly told the cable guy to make another appointment, and went back to sleep. So what did the cable guy do? In a royal snit he marched directly outside to the cable box buried in the sidewalk in front of the building and simply disconnected the entire building from cable service!

Are we having fun yet?

Pissed when I found out why I had no reception at all, I called the cable company's corporate offices over in Concord (this was on a Saturday morning) and got ahold of the supervisor (a VP of the company, I was told, but I don't know) and asked her what gave. She tried to mollify me with some typical doubletalk, and when I didn't meekly swallow that she then told me to go screw myself twice slowly, that if I didn't like the way their company did business I could lump it. Just like that and in so many words.

I don't make this stuff up. And as a result I immediately cancelled my cable service and was a much happier Direct TV subscriber within three business days thereafter. (The first day some clown came out to the building and was so incompetent he couldn't figure out how to place anchors in a brick wall to secure the mast for the dish, so I was obliged to find another vendor/installer, which I did later that same day, and I was eventually hooked up and running within two more days.)

And by the way, on top of this incredibly stupid and beyond-belief rude (and probably illegal) behavior on the part of the cable company that serviced San Francisco, the quality of reception I'd received from that same cable company, and the one before that, over a period of some eight years, was simply horrendous. There's no other word for it. Ghosting on most of the channels, pixelation all over the place after the much-ballyhooed "digital" service became available, etc. In other words . . . garbage.

Is Direct TV perfect? No, it is not perfect. Does it beat the service I've received from cable companies along the way? Yes, in my case it does. But as always, your mileage tends to vary from one user's horror story to the next.

Maybe all those tales I read about cable suscribers who are fortunate enough to be hooked up to fast fiber-optics cable networks are true and their cable service is utterly superior. Unhappily, that has never been my experience.

Come to think of it, I can pretty well nail down the date for that cockup by the cable company with re to that building super, as I believe (I have the world's worst memory but I'm pretty sure about this) it happened around the time that either AMC or TCM, whichever channel it was, ran that uninterrupted special of Hitchcock films that included the then just-newly-restored version of Rear Window.

Anyway, the point I wish to make is that businesses find and lose their customers, as a rule, one at a time. I subscribe to Direct TV based on my wants and prior experience within the field, etc., you drop your DTV service for similar reasons important to you, and like that. I'm glad you went to the trouble of articulating your complaint to Direct TV. That was the right course. Whether you'll be more happy with cable in the long run is, as I've stated, seemingly problematical from my point of view and based solely on my long-time experience with cable outfits, but that's your decision, always.

I wish you well.
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