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My plasma is High Def.

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Default Need Help with a part

I talked to Panasonic Concierge and they told me this is a well known issue, and has to do with the rear HDMI ports and an incompatibility issue.

Turns out i need a "GE - 22703 - ULTRA PROGRADE™ HDMI™ EXTENSION ADAPTER" in order to use the back HDMI ports.

To me this has nothing to do with incompatibility, but more so with the signal not being boosted strong enough for the Pany TV to use it.
She said different software is used on the front board.???????

Very strange, but if it fixes the problem, so be it.

Anyone know were i could get this thing in London, Ontario?
Any help would be appreciated,

*Update 1: I just thought of something important. My Bell ExpressVue 9242 PVR comes with a cable that has a DVI connector at one end, then you use the adapter to make it full HDMI. I wonder if this might be the issue and if anyone else has tried changing the cable for a true HDMI cable.

*Update 2: Im wondering now if maybe the issue is this DVI to HDMI connector from the PVR to the back HDMI 1 connection, because after reading about boosters theres a warning that they cannot use the 5V HDMI voltage if used with a DVI to HDMI connector. Im now wondering if Panasonic cheaped out based on the 5 Volts supplied by the PVR. This would make sense in my case, because i cannot see why the front HDMI works but the 2 in the rear dont, or intermitently. IDEAS? Anyone?

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