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My plasma is High Def.

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Originally Posted by Tarrant1701 View Post
It's been very stable. Have had no problems powering on, once I switched to HDMI port 3 on the rear. If you get a Panasonic that only has two HDMI ports in the rear, then you will have to use the port on the front to solve this problem.

It seems to be only a problem with certain PC video cards connected to the HDMI port. Others have had the same problem and found the same solution. For more discussion on this issue check out:

avsforum. com / avs-vb/showthread.php?p=13649180#post13649180
I had the 10 Blinks of death also, but this worked Tarrant, in HDMI 3, no issues at all. Now im wondering what i should do next, its only been in the house 3 days.

Need some feedback, should i call the seller and demand a replacement, or call service to fix it.

Is this problem on all TV's or limited to a certain percentage?

Let me know what ya all think,
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