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I'm all for profits, wish I could turn over a couple million myself but it takes money to make money, right? Still haven't stumbled across my $750,000 in venture capital to kick-start my entrepreneurial dreams.

I dont wanna hear about corporate behemoths whining about the intitial investments and 18-36 months of negative profit margins until things get rolling. They wouldn't have gotten into the game if it wasn't going to eventually be immensley profitable. Word of mouth is still the number one driving force in consumer decisions, and the internet only makes peoples mouths bigger. If they start to shovel crap on the nightly broadcast, eventually the neighborhood is going to smell it.

I forsee the day when DishNet charges extra to deliver SD programming to the last few who are clinging ever so tightly to their 19" Philcos and Sanyos. Thats probably 10-12 years away, maybe more, but some day HD will be the majority. And you know what? Sat has been cheaper than cable in many parts of the country for years, and thats been one of their huge selling points. Cable keeps going up and up, but not Sat. They've needed a legit way to make a sizeable price increase for a long time now, and here it is. HD.

And if the performance doesn't live up to the promise, there are competitors. Thank God this isn't Microsofts baby, or we'd all be screwed. Maybe WalMart should get into the HD game. After all, they've got one of the most successful corporate global domination models ever seen by man. "Always low prices!" At least the intentions would be clear, then we could excuse the quality cuts... "Hey honey, the TV bill actually went down by 2 bux!!!"

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