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Default Finally a good answer!!

Originally Posted by intrac
NTSC is used primarily in North America. PAL & SECAM are used in other parts of the world. NTSC is 525 lines, PAL & SECAM are 625 lines with different frame rates.

There are 3 main standards in use around the world.




Horizontal Frequency15.734 kHz

Vertical Frequency60 Hz

Color Subcarrier Frequency3.579545 MHz

Video Bandwidth4.2 MHzSound Carrier4.5 MHz




PAL & PAL N Line/Field 625/50

PAL M 525/60

PAL & PAL N Horizontal Freq.15.625 kHz

PAL M 15.750 kHz

PAL & PAL N Vertical Freq.50 Hz

PAL M 60 Hz

PAL Color Sub Carrier4.433618 MHz

PAL N Color Sub Carrier 3.582056 MHz

PAL M Color Sub Carrier 3.575611 MHz

PAL Video Bandwidth 5.0 MHz

PAL N Video Bandwidth 4.2 MHz

PLAL M Video Bandwidth 4.2 MHz

PAL & PAL N Sound Carrier 5.5 MHzPAL M Sound Carrier 4.5 MHz


or Sequential Color with Memory

SECAM All Line/Field 625/50

SECAM All Horizontal Frequency15.625 kHz

SECAM All Vertical Frequency50 Hz

SECAM B, G, H Video Bandwidth5.0 MHz

SECAM D, K, K1, L Video Bandwidth 6.0 MHz

SECAM B, G, H Sound Carrier5.5 MHz

SECAM D, K, K1, L Sound Carrier 6.5 MHz

Thnks to folks like you those who are ignorant have a chance to understand. But mention that NTCS was adopted in the 1930's ? or so by a group of bald old farts who were dead well before TV was available! Due to their actions we all pay the price of Fuzzy, out of focus Tv!! So when we see what they offer on a big screen, no wonder HD is a miracle!! I never voted for G Bush!!
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