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Default Beware Hallstead Communications

I had a simliar horror story with Hallstead communications which I communicated to DirectTV. And found a gem on a complaint web site. Both are posted below:

My question is how is Hallstead still in business?

My Note
To whom it may concern,

I have to relate what a horrible experience it has been TRYING to become a customer of yours.

It began well enough, I called your national sales line and my order to set up service was quickly processed. This is where the pleasant part of the experience ends.

At 2:30 on August 26, halfway through your window for the service technician's arrival, I received a call telling me that there were no technicians available and you would have to reschedule my appointment and that someone else would call me back with a rescheduled appointment. 4 Hours later I was contacted to reschedule. Your representative offered me a date 10 DAYS from the missed appointment.

Needless to say this was unacceptable, and I was escalated to a supervisor who rescheduled for Tuesday August 30, 2005.

One hour after the promised delivery window, your technician arrived and after only 15 minutes determined that no signal was to be had and left.

At this point I was about to give up, until I received a message that a supervisor would provide a second opinion on the signal.

Great, except it took 6 CALLS to Hallstead Communications in Yonkers to get someone to answer my call. I was put on endless hold (over 20 minutes) 3 times. Hung up on twice, and run through three different reps on my last call only to be told, they would have to wait for a supervisor to call me back to schedule a second opinion on whether on not a signal could be had.

I will be calling Cablevison tonight and I bet they will be installed and receiving my money before your local supervisor shows up for his assessment.

Additional complaints I found
From: [email protected]

Halsted Communications/ Repair call = NO SHOW

To Whom it may concern (Halsted Communications)

My name is Noemi Fernandez and I have a customer of DIRECTV for 4 yrs now. Recently in September I started to experience problems with my system. I understand that DIRECTV contracts Halsted comm to subcontract other companies to do repair, installation, etc.. Halstead Communications has done nothing but inconvenience me since the first appt was made for a visit in October to look at my system. Within a matter of 4 wks I had 4 gentlemen come to my home.

First let me start out by saying that I live on a third floor dwelling and the dish is located outside my living room window to the left. The first tech that came to my home stated that the ladder he had was not sufficient because he could not reach the dish even though it was dictated from DIRECTV that a 40 foot ladder would be needed to reach the dish from the ground. A week later a second tech came and stated that it was the wiring because it was not grounded. He informed me that he was going to his truck to call his supervisor and he would come back up to let me know how to proceed. Well, the tech never came back up, instead he called me from his cell phone and told me that his supervisor told him "not to touch it or we would own it." My impression was that he did not want to make an attempt seeing where the dish was located and the fact that it may take more than 10 minutes to diagnose.

The third tech came out several days later, never got close to the dish, did not come with a 40ft ladder but diagnosed it as a LNB issue. forth tech came out the same day which I may add Halsted comm never notified me that they were coming instead called me an hour after the tech left to tell me that the service call was being canceled. The 4th and final tech that day did a walk of the grounds, got in his truck and left... That was 4 techs in several weeks and the most irritating thing out of it all was that I took time off of work on my dime to accommodate the techs on 4 separate occasions and NOT ONE TECH TOUCHED THE DISH OR SO MUCH AS GOT CLOSE TO IT, but all had a different diagnosis for the problem...

I am sending this e-mail in an attempt to reach some resolution since I have not been able to get any assistance from customer service staff who have you on hold longer that the conversation about my problem. For instance today 1/20/04 I had a appt for a tech to come out between 1pm and 5pm. I took again 1/2 day of work to be home when they arrived. no one showed up, so I called DIRECTV. They gave me the local office # to call. 1st call made @ 4:50pm was on hold until 5:21pm was on the phone with someone named Mike who put me on hold to call the tech and disconnected me.

Called back @ 5:22pm was # 17 on hold-Jennifer picked up at 5:43pm who also attempted to call the tech, except she left me on hold for 1/2 hour ( 6:21pm) before she came back to tell me that "the tech had problems with his cellphone and they could not get a clear connection on his phone." I am not only disgusted by Halstead's protocol on handling easy situations, but I was denied the name of a manager blatant by this Jennifer person. I have called numerous times to Halsted for help in the last 4 months that there should be some record of my calls, if not DIRECTV has plenty... I again ask for assistance in repairing the extremely inconvenient situation that the company has put me in for the last several months. I am currently in contact with the BBB in CT. I would rather not take that step, but the aggravation that I have been put through since October should not go unnoticed.

Noemi Fernandez.

From: tjmunson [[email protected]]

RE: Halsted Communications - installer of DirecTV, East Northport, Long Island, NY - service appointment to install Tivo box rescheduled 4 times due to Halsead's missing and being late for service appointments

The following are several e-mails I sent to Halsted Communications which is a company contracted by DirecTV to do installs in the New York and new England area. I think the letters speak for themselves. I have also forwarded these letters to the local media as well as Cablevision and DirecTV. Thank You.

To whom it may concern,

I am sending this letter to Halsted Media due to the fact that your Home Service Provider department does not have an e-mail contact on your web
page. Please forward this to the appropriate party.

I am a DirecTV user and I recently had the misfortune of having to use your companies services (and I use that word very lightly) to have a new Tivo box installed in my house.

I live in East Northport, Long Island and was serviced by your local satellite office here on the island. From the start, your company proved one very painful point to me. Customer service is something that is not a part of the Halsted motto or work ethic in my experience. I'm going to give you the condensed version to save you the agony, since I have suffered enough for both of us.

My service appointment had to be rescheduled FOUR times due to Halsted's inability to fulfill it's commitments to it's customers. The first two times I was told a tech from Halsted would be at my house, no one showed up. Your company did not even have the common decency to call and let me know. The reps updated notes on my account but never notified me. I lost two half days at work due to your companies inability to pick up a phone. Inexcusable.

The third time I was told that a tech would be at my house in the afternoon and I would be given a time frame of between 4 and 5 PM due to your companies missed commitment that morning. The rep, who's name is Sarah said that she would be sure and "make it happen" since we had already been treated so poorly. I explained to Sarah that my wife would be home that evening and that the service tech could not arrive before 4 pm since she does not get home from work until then.

Sarah again assured me it would not be a problem. Needles to say, no one showed up and when my wife called your company she was told that no one should have guaranteed us that time frame. Another shining example of the inept training process your reps go through.

I decided to give your company one more try before contacting the Better Business Bureau. I spoke to a Rep named Dan who promised me unconditionally that a tech would be at my house the following Thursday (this service attempt has been going on for nearly two weeks now) first thing in the morning. He said he noted the account that I was absolutely to be the first stop.

I called the evening before to confirm the appointment, since your company does not extend that courtesy, and was told that the account was noted to be the first stop but no such commitment could be promised. I spoke to a male supervisor, who's name I did not get, and was told that the companies policy is not to guarantee any particular time or stop order. I found that very interesting since two previous reps had specifically told me that I would be the first stop at 8 AM.

This again points to a huge need for your leadership team to revisit the companies training methods and make some very needed changes since it is enormously obvious that the right hand in your company has no clue what the left hand is doing. I was told by the supervisor that I could call back in the morning after you open at 8 AM and find out what stop number I was for the day since the techs route out their own work each day. I questioned the supervisor if the techs own and run the company or if they report to someone.

He said they do report to a supervisor. I then questioned, isn't it, at this point, that supervisors job to take the tech aside and say "Mr. munson has been rescheduled 4 times. This stop is a priority for tomorrow and needs to be done first" I'm not a service guru but I would think it's common sense which again makes me question the service vision, or lack their of, of your company.

I called in the next morning at 8:15 and was told that Peter, my service tech, was making me first stop and was on the way. I was told he would be at my house "within the hour". Wonderful.

At 9 AM Peter called me and notified me that he had his first stop in Huntington and would do my install second and be at my house between 10 and 10:45. The comedy of errors and misinformation continues.
It is right now 10:30 AM Thursday morning and I am waiting to see if Peter ever shows up. Again I have lost another half day at work.

I'm going to end this letter with some free advice and the hope that I'm going to here back from someone.

Companies come and companies go and the only thing that seperates the winners from the losers is the understanding and implementation of not good but "GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE". Right now, in my mind, Halstead Communications is on the wrong side of the fence.

I wish you luck.


James W. Munson

Just a quick follow up to my previous letter.

Thirty minutes after I sent you this e-mail I received a call from a DirecTV rep telling me Halsted Communications did not have my Tivo receiver in stock and needed to reschedule. I immediately got off the phone with that rep and called Halsted directly. I spoke to a Bert, who may very well be the most unprofessional service individual I have ever dealt with.

Bert decided to tell me that the service van broke down and I would not be receiving service that day. I can not believe that if DirecTV and Halsted are going to lie to their customers that they can't even get their stories straight.

I've cancelled my account with DirecTV and have gone back to my local Cable provider. I left Cablevision when the Yes Network was not available. Since that is no longer the case, and I also do not wish to do business with a company that has the morals and integrity of a criminal, I would prefer to give my money and time to Cablevision.

I have also e-mailed a copy of both of these letters to DirecTV and Cablevision in the hope that this issue gets attention and helps Halsted realize that it is time to raise the integrity and service levels of your company or else put you out of business.


James W. Munson
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