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Originally Posted by merch View Post
Again, I have to ask. Why are people so gung ho for a ~$200 BD player? What you'll get will be a piece of garbage. It'll be the equivalent of buying a $40 DVD player at the supermarket. If you want the technology, pay a price for it. Even the PS3 is decent in the PQ dept and not that expensive. I'm guessing people here aren't flocking to the Denon BD player at $2000.
A few humble observations:
1) That $200 price barrier is where the Joe 6Ps will start buying in.

2) That piece of junk BR will be better than 99.99% of the DVD players out there.

3) AW shucks, we can't build a quality BR player for $200? It wasn't exactly ancient history that great 50" 720p Plasmas set you back $10-12K.

4) There's the inexorable logarithmic law of diminishing returns VS price. Fer kicks & giggles, a condescending guy at one of our super high end AV showrooms recently let me audition a pair of $6,000 Thiel speakers. I'm damned critical about my audio, and I guarantee you they're not 10X better than my Boston Acoustics. Ditto that Dennon BR in my book., sight unseen, I'll wager it's PQ isn't 5X better than a PS3.
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