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Originally Posted by wmcole2 View Post
A true Noob here, Papaylap, reading everything I can find to assist with choice in next week or so between KDL-52XBR4 and LN52A750.

We're replacing an old 52" Curtis Mathes, a gorgeous machine slowly loosing brightness. Sixteen foot viewing distance in small family room with two skylights; ('though except for an occasional PGA afternoon, seldom watch during daytime, so Samsung screen reflectivity issue is not a strong deterrant.) I tend to like the Samsung picture better than the Sony's, but this could simply be how well the display units are adjusted. The Sony specs seem so impressive. I have beautiful 1972 SP-2500 Sansui speakers to augment the television's audio.

Screen menu friendliness is desirable. I am an EE Major, but not a technophile, so what we really want, after all is said and done, is the most enjoyable and consistent HDTV experience, Would like to be seated, turn it 'On" and watch something on cable or perhaps a rented DVD/ Blu-ray, (when I buy one). Very important is ability to display media from my Apple MacBookPro iPhoto, iMovie & iDVD sources and AppleTV as well.

Will one or two of you kind souls who can recall my predicament honor us with your experience and suggestions? Thanks so much, and also to all who keep this thread bumped up for the likes of me.

We're in our 70's, so this will likely 'see us oot' as the Scottish say.

Both sets are excellent choices check for their reviews for acurate and unbiased reviews/info I hope this will help you with your choices
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