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I suppose it depends on your definition of proper. Another member talks about true surround sound or pseudo surround. I can't define any of these adjectives when applied to surround sound. There are currently four methods of getting surround sound information; 1) Matrixed, 2) 5.1 digital discrete 3) 6.1 digital matrixed and 4) 6.1 digital discrete. All are proper or true surround sound.

The matrixed surround sound available with 2 analog channels will decode to four discrete channels. Being matrixed, the surround information is compatable with stereo audio systems as well. The 5.1 digital discrete will have 6 discrete channels, two of which will have surround information. The 6.1 matrixed system also will have 6 discrete channels with the 7th channel matrixed in the two surround channels for the rear placement. The 6.1 digital discrete will have 7 discrete channels with three of them being surround channels. One surround channel is meant to be in the rear of the seating area.

For more information on all of this see: A Discussion on Surround Sound Systems
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