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Originally Posted by bobbywalnuts View Post
I'm sorry if this topic has come up before, my searches haven't given me the answer.. . or at least in words that I understand.

I have had Direct TV for 6 months now. I haven't had any issues. Recently, I am starting to lose my HD channels. . it was only a couple at first, now it is a few more. Some nights I get a channel or two, but most often they go down for the count. (Giving me a 771 error). Very odd.

Called direct tv, and of course they were no help.

I checked the alignment of the dish and all seems to be fine.

Very odd that I am slowly losing channels.

Any help would be awesome. Ask me any question and I will my best to answer them . . for troubleshooting that is.

Thanks in advance.
Which channels are you losing?
Post back with a list of your signal strengths for all the transponders on 110, 119 and 103(c) (it might be 103(b) if you have a receiver). If you have a DVR, post the numbers for both tuners.
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