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Originally Posted by anythingwt View Post
Microsoft made a mistake by releasing their consoles when they did IMO, because they had to deal with all those RROD issues and lost a ton of money in doing so.

About the rumor of physical media being eliminated..

I haven't heard that one. How would they distribute games.. just through downloads online? That would be cool.. but I don't know that the masses will be ready for something like that by 2013/4. I'm sure there are still a ton of people out there that just use their consoles the old fashioned way, and have never hooked them up to the internet.
I agree on the 360 releasing too early but remember with its head start this generation it now can take its time and be 2 years ahead of Sony for next generation..

As for the DL only, its a rumor but one that started from Sony who said gamings future is in Digital Downloads, I dont think they specified whether that future is for next generation or the one after.. They said they were amazed at the ammount of Down Loaded content people have bought up thus far and the need for a stronger DL service is only going to grow.. Me, I enjoy physical media but if they can find a smart solution for these DD DL's where one can actually own outright and can trade, sell or whatever they choose to do with them(aside from distributing pirated copies) then I am all for it..
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