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Originally Posted by Lilmase1153 View Post
Very True, but if it did fall into 2014 I dont know if they would wait till the end of the year what with the new 360 coming out before then and I dont think Sony is going to let Microsoft have another huge headstart as they did this generation..

I wonder if they are really doing away physical media on the PS4 as it is rumored..

Microsoft made a mistake by releasing their consoles when they did IMO, because they had to deal with all those RROD issues and lost a ton of money in doing so.

About the rumor of physical media being eliminated..

I haven't heard that one. How would they distribute games.. just through downloads online? That would be cool.. but I don't know that the masses will be ready for something like that by 2013/4. I'm sure there are still a ton of people out there that just use their consoles the old fashioned way, and have never hooked them up to the internet.
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