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Originally Posted by Annie53 View Post
OK---I had pretty much decided to go with the Echostar TR 40 Converter Box. Everything I read said it had a VCR Event Timer.
Now I just came upon an article rating the "Dish DTVPAL", which is supposedly the new version/name of the Echostar TR 40. Here is the part of the review that has me totally confused:
"The DTVPal can also work in conjunction with a TV or DVD recorder that has TV Guide On Screen, or Guide Plus (also known as Gemstar). The instructions are in the manual, but basically you need to connect a G-Link cable from your TV Guide On Screen-capable device, set up the IR blaster in front of the DTV Pal, and set the DTVPal to TV Guide On Screen mode. We didn't have any TV Guide On Screen-capable devices on hand to test this, but it's a nice extra for those who use the service."
Does this mean this "new" version on the Echostar TR 40 will not work with a regualar, old VCR?
I read nothing that made me believe this device won't work with a regular old VCR. I couldn't determine whether or not it will control a VCR, turn on, start recording, stop recording and turn off, but certainly a VCR could be programmed to record from this although I don't know if your VCR or any VCR for that matter will control the DTVPAL. When I used a VCR and separate satellite receiver, the VCR I used could turn the satellite receiver on, change the channel and record the program and the reverse also worked, the receiver could control a VCR and start and stop recording. Not all combinations of VCR and satellite receiver worked.

Are you sure you want to mess with a regular VCR and a digital ATSC tuner? A DVR, digital video recorder with internal hard drive and ATSC tuner built in is the way to go. If you are sure you want to mess with an analog VCR in the digital age, somebody, myself if nobody else already knows can figure out whether or not this ATSC tuner will do what you want with your VCR. If you are sure you want that, what VCR are you using and what source have you been recording previously?

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