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Originally Posted by BobY View Post
Neither upconversion or SRT are "formats". They are post processing of existing SD images. There are no new disc production methods or disc manufacturing equipment necessary, no new codecs, no new optical systems, no new authoring systems, etc., etc., etc.--they are just methods of making the highly popular, existing SD format look better.

In the case of upconversion, an image of HD pixel density is synthesized from an SD image by interpolating new pixels between the real pixels.

In the case of SRT, latent high-resolution details hidden in the SD image are recovered to create a true HD image from an SD image.
Granted, and as a guy that likes to keep up on what NASA is doing I get it.

This is my big but. Ahem, some folks around here were (are) saying BR isn't going to take off because to the masses, it doesn't offer enough increase in PQ to offset the cost. I like to think of myself as being pretty darn critical when it comes to evaluating how good an image I'm seeing. My personal experience is I absolutely cannot tell the difference in PQ on my 37" LCD 720p set between the Oppo 980 upscaled, and a 720p OTA uncompressed signal. Not trying to bash a nascent technology, but I doubt I'd be interested in buying one of these new players if and when they hit the market.
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