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Originally Posted by hoorta View Post
Chris, I see you have an Oppo 980. (Ditto here) The question in my mind is if this new DVD technology can't deliver a significantly better picture than the current crop of up scalers, why bother? This has all the makings of a DOA format.
Neither upconversion or SRT are "formats". They are post processing of existing SD images. There are no new disc production methods or disc manufacturing equipment necessary, no new codecs, no new optical systems, no new authoring systems, etc., etc., etc.--they are just methods of making the highly popular, existing SD format look better.

In the case of upconversion, an image of HD pixel density is synthesized from an SD image by interpolating new pixels between the real pixels.

In the case of SRT, latent high-resolution details hidden in the SD image are recovered to create a true HD image from an SD image.

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