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Originally Posted by BobY View Post
And if you think it was because of a better picture, I rest my case as to why I don't put much credence in the opinions of zealots, audiophiles and videophiles.

When DVD players first came out, the majority of people were hooking them up via Composite Video and the rest were hooking them up via S-Video, neither of which gave a dramatically better picture than VHS. In addition, the MPEG codecs back then were not very good, so they often added all sorts of issues with macroblocking, pixelation and other digital artifacts.

What made people willing to pay more for DVD was smaller size, greater reliability, random access/fast search/scene selection, special features, better sound and better picture. It was the entire package of better convenience and quality that sold them.

Other than better picture (and potentially better sound, but only assuming the consumer uses an external HTS and not the speakers built into their HDTV), what does Blu-Ray have to offer a typical consumer over DVD?
You hit the nail on the head with a sledge hammer with that one BobY. Great point.
Blu-ray is no way near as revolutionary as dvd was.
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