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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
I'd say if all you are ever going to do is to watch TV on the set, save the money.

If there is even the slightest chance you will play games or attach a computer, then you might consider the 1080p version.
I would have to agree with rbinck. With 1080p, you really don't see the difference until you get greater than 60-70 inches (projector screen size) and even then some people might not notice the difference. During my college years (hehe, I actually just graduated, so I found that funny ), and this was actually the last 3 semesters, my roommate had a projector that was capable of up to 1080i. I started downloading HD movies (a few in 1080p) I was just barely able to tell the difference between the 720 vs 1080 version (I downloaded both versions of certain movies just in case my roommates computer couldn't handle the 1080). That being said, I was able to tell a difference though, as the 1080 versions looked much clearer and sharper than the 720 version. And so you know, the size of the screen was a 125" 4:3 picture and about ~108" 16:9 picture (this was for 1.78:1, the screen was a little smaller for 2.39 and above ratios).

So since you can't really see the difference, I would have to say save the thousand bucks and get the 720p version. (You could even send me that money as a graduation gift )

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