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Default ****Do I really need a1080p set

I have finally decided on a panny but Iím stuck at the dreaded 1080p/720p decision . The viewing area I will have will be 8 to 10 feet for movies, sports and general programming. So off I went to my local brick and mortar store to take a look. Well I stood about 8 feet back looking at the 50PZ80U AND 50PX80U which were next to each other and I couldnít tell the difference with my 40 year old eyes. Now before you tell me this is a no brainer I just want to make sure I wont be missing something if I donít get the 1080p set. Sears has the 50PX80U for $1300.00, which is a grand less , then the 50PZ80U. If there is an advantage to get the 1080p version I would like to here why. How does blue ray look on a 720p set?
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