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What is HD?

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This is one problem you guys won't believe.

I have a HP Pavilion laptop running on the Intel 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset and a Samsung 40" HDTV. I connected the laptop to the hdtv via a vga cable.

Guess what? Nothing appeared on the tv. No error message, nothing.

So, to confirm that there's nothing wrong with my laptop and vga cable, I hooked up to a Sony HDTV and voila, everything turned out great! And I didn't have to tweak anything. It happened auto-magically.

I connected another laptop with an Intel 945 chipset to the Samsung HDTV, again nothing appeared on the tv.

The only "good" thing I noticed was that my laptop could "detect" the HDTV because it allowed me to specify if I wanted multiple display or extended desktop mode.

Does anyone know if there is a compatibility issue between Intel graphics chipset with Samsung HDTVs?

Frankly at the stage I'm in, I'd rather have overscan and low resolution problems than no picture at all.

Any help here would be great!
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