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Originally Posted by advantex
"But the thing I notice most about surround sound is that it "envelopes" you. To state the obvious, you are "surrounded" as opposed ..."

and this indeed is the purpose and impact of surround sound. I agree totally. There is a need to impress upon people, that ALL the senses - in particular eyes & ears (thus basic emotions) - need to be involved when selecting any sort of entertainment system of value. To get visual without sound or sound without visual is to cut your experiences short of what could be.

Its funny, (but to give another obsurd example) if you hate the aesthetic look of you system, you will never be impressed with the performance of it, even if it was total state of the art. The reverse is also true, perhaps even more so. People think that because it looks great, it sounds great/performs great visually. The mind can trick the senses much more easily than the senses can trick the mind.
Funny thing is I tried 6 LG 44SZ63D DLP HDTVs because I loved the cabinet design, but in the end, I couldn't live with the PQ with anything other than HD signals. It had a lot of video noise in dark sceens, and on a couple of them the noise was so bad it looked like x-ray when the source was DVD or SD cable signals.

I tortured myself for 2 months just for that stinking cabinet which looked better than anyone elses, so I lived what you are saying.
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