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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
On my computer set at a resolution of 1920x1080p or 1280x720p the full screen plays in a 4:3 box with white pillar boxes one each side. Some of the video looks good, but seems to be short of HD. Maybe they are sending enough resolution to call it HD, I can't tell, but it is very soft like it is highly compressed. I would not say it is at any broadcast level. Now bear in mind I'm watching it on a 42" 1080p monitor. On my 17" laptop the video looks very nice.

I'm thinking these sites that say they have HD are saying that because the videos were shot in HD. Uverse HD is about as low a bitrate as any for HD and they need about 6 mbps with zero server lag to deliver their HD and people complain about it's quality. It is hard for me to see how HD can be piped over a 1.5 mbps internet connection with all of the server lag that must exist frim their server to my computer.

Anyway, if you enjoy that video, that's all that really matters.
Just one of the reasons that me dropped comcast. what they advertise as HD is nothing but mega compressed or up rezzed SD. The general public "needs" to view HD as it should be shown in order for it to reach mass infusion. Cable and Sat co's are showing sub-standard HD to the masses, throttling their own bandwidth with junk, and fooling the public to pay for it. Sorry about the rant!
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