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How can anyone watch standard def?

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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
Are you really going to be streaming HD or downloading it? I'm unaware of any HD streaming that is available yet. I know Apple has talked about it, but I've never seen it. Do you have a link to what it is you are going to stream? That would be helpful to answer your question.
Hello Rbink

I have been getting High Definition streaming video from this site.
I am very impressed with the quality and would like your opinion. I have a 17" laptop and can handle 1400x900 very easily.

I have a ATI 200 video card. My computers at school really show these videos well. They run a 3 ghz dual processors and 2 gig of ram.

Many of the videos are marked as uploaded in 1080p. They play just as well as the down loads I get from apple or Windows HD sites.

again I would like your opinion

The feed loads instantly and plays very smoothly for me.
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