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Originally Posted by MikeRox View Post
It must have done, many on here are adamant the primary reason for DVD adoption was superior PQ Not that I know of anyone myself. My prime example always is RF/Composite/S-Video/RGB SCART. Anyone fussed about PQ would in Europe have always used the latter (before component and later HDMI become prolific, thats been more with HD here) in the US I believe S-Video was your top cable standard.

They didn't though, most people were perfectly happy using their composite cables. Showing PQ clearly at the bottom of the barrel of priorities.
If you still have any original vintage DVDs, the quality was really bad, even by the standards of the day. Not just because of the existing transfers done for VHS, but edge enhancement and compression artifacts made some of them look abyssmal. It was better than VHS in some ways, but worse in others, and generally a wash. And then a lot of original DVD players didn't even have s-video output. That was a special feature to look for.

But people took to DVD anyway, because it was a superior product. Picture quality just kind of came on its own, as the technology grew into its potential.
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