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Originally Posted by MikeRox View Post
It must have done, many on here are adamant the primary reason for DVD adoption was superior PQ Not that I know of anyone myself. My prime example always is RF/Composite/S-Video/RGB SCART. Anyone fussed about PQ would in Europe have always used the latter (before component and later HDMI become prolific, thats been more with HD here) in the US I believe S-Video was your top cable standard.

They didn't though, most people were perfectly happy using their composite cables. Showing PQ clearly at the bottom of the barrel of priorities.
Composite cables showed a clear difference too. No one double dipped their collection just to have chapter selection with no rewinding.

And it took 5-6 years for DVD to overtake VHS. The theory that the majority doesnt dictate where technology goes applies with DVD aswell.
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