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By setting the rear center surround channel to off, the information for that channel will be equal in both the left and the right surround channels. This will have the effect of "centering" that information between the left and right surround channels. Since the information is surround effects as opposed to the voices as it would be in the front, the necessity of having the physical speaker there is not as much as it is for the front center channel.

I'd guess you may only notice a small amount of difference, if any, by adding the 6th. speaker, so I guess I agree with you.

To me the only channel I wish they had they don't is a tactle LFE channel for the tactle transducers, like the Buttkickers. For me and my wife it is annoying to get the tactile vibrations with music and I think if it only came in with explosions and other things that would vibrate you it would be better. Not much of a chance that will happen though as they don't put tactile transducers in theaters much and that is the driving force for all of the surround technologies.

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