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Originally Posted by Stew4HD View Post
OMG! What a movie! Holy Shit!!

AQ: 5/5
PQ: 5/5
Movie 10/5!
Ugh! Yougottabekiddingme! Narcissistic self-pitying kid starves himself to death.

Zero value add to planet Earth. He had a private school education. He could have done something with it. He was a 22 year old version of "Jeremy" from the Pearl Jam song. The little f*ck should have put a gun in his mouth when he was 14 and saved his family the months of grief later on.

I simply cannot understand how any human can consider Chris McCandless to be heroic. He was the antithesis of heroic, and the very essence of antiheroic. "I'm so naive, full of myself, and arrogant, I starved myself to death!" If the dumbass had ever been a team player, ever been a Boy Scout, ever realized the value of interdependency, he would be alive today. Henry David Thoreau he was not. Hard to believe such a dumbass was only two years younger than me. Grew up in an upper middle class two-parent household and held a grudge against his dad for knocking up his mom during an affair? The kid was clearly mentally ill and incapable of responsibility. He searched for reasons to be miserable, and found them in events before he was even born? That is completely irrational. He is supposed to be a hero? Please. There is some Lt Colonel or Sergeant Major born in 1968 who is a hero. What a joke.

Unfortunately he managed to climb back into the bus before he died. At least if he had died outside, his body might have been eaten by a bear or some vultures, or decomposed and fertilized some plants and would have contributed something of value to planet Earth.

As for the movie, it is two and a half hours of my life I will never ever get back. I had not felt that bad after a movie since The Perfect Storm. But I saw Storm on an airplane, and did not pay for it.

That said, Hal Holbrook was awesome in the movie. He deserved a best supporting actor.

Sean Penn, President of the Film Actors Guild, should be sent to Gitmo just for being Sean Penn.
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