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What is HD?

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I am new here and I think I am at the right place for this question. I have read in this post about having issues connecting your PC to your TV. That turned out to be the easy part for me. I have GeForce 6200 with DVI out connected to my Aquos LC46D64U through a DVI-HDMI cable. I have noticed that everytime I connect my PC (either through DVI or Analog) my cable input has horizontal lines moving from the bottom of the screen to the top(when I try watching TV on a different input). This has happened with another PC that I tried hooking up with the TV (though just Analog on the other one). I am going to try the same with a friends laptop to see what happens while watching cable. My cable input is currently on component but I will try HDMI this weekend and post the results here. Till then have any of you had such issues with your HDTV? Is there a way to fix it? Through firmware update or other options?

Thanks for looking and the help
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