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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by Chris1974 View Post
Anyone want to help or give me some ideas??

Here is what I have. I have a Samsung Plasma TV, Phillips DVD player, Onkyo HT-SR800, and a cable DVR box.

I have hooked it all up, but not really getting much from the surround speakers. Most all my sound is coming from the front speakers. So I am not sure if I have not hooked it up correctly. Below I have posted the product sites if you would like to see what I have exactly. The DVD players is basic. It has not optical or HDMI. The TV, DVR, and receiver do have them. I have cables running every direction and not sure if they are even in the right spots. I know that the Onkyo gives you a set up guide, but I got a little confussed.

Thanks for your help and I would appreciate any help you can provide.
After running the auto calibration with the microphone I noticed my subwoofer could barely be heard/felt so I manually adjusted the level in the receiver. I decided I wanted to hear my surround speakers more as well so I increased the levels on those as well. Have you tried that? On the remote control at the bottom there's a button called "CH SEL" and next to it are "LEVEL -" and "LEVEL +". You can play around with those.
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